Trip to Salou with the children

Trip to Salou with the children

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Certified in 2003, Salou It has more than 55,000 quality accommodation places and a wide range of beaches and coves with fine golden sand, ideal for families.

The largest beach in the municipality, Llevant, has a 200 m2 mini-club. The beaches, along with the practice of outdoor sports, gastronomy, commerce, good weather throughout the year ... share the limelight with the theme park PortAventura, the most complete leisure offer for the whole family.

Salou is a municipality that belongs to theCosta Daurada. Those who visit this Catalan region for the first time soon discover why the Romans chose these lands to expand their empire, two thousand years ago.

Under a sky "of continuous spring", as those ancient settlers defined it, the coast of Tarragona offers kilometers of beach and a complete and variedcultural offer, sports, gastronomic and leisure that make it an ideal place to spend family vacations.

Do not hesitate to choose a Family Tourism Destination in Catalonia such as Salou for your holidays, ideal for its accommodation and catering offerspecialized for families, its numerous entertainment and leisure proposals, and the quality and variety of its beaches.

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