Discover the Canal Panda app and win an iPad Mini

Discover the Canal Panda app and win an iPad Mini

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Panda Channel It has become the best ally for parents looking for educational and fun content for their children. Now you can enjoy the series and programs of Panda Channel from your mobile or tablet.

If your child can't go a day without seeing the Gormiti, freaking out with Casper, or traveling to the future with Astro Boy, don't worry! Now you can take them with you thanks to the new app Panda Channel.

A complete application so that you do not miss any of the programs of Panda Channel, download this app on your smartphone or tablet now and start enjoying all its possibilities with your children.

Take your videos, series and movies wherever you want, you will have them just one click away. Learn and have fun with content that is constantly renewed: from the most classic series to programs to learn English.

You can also find fun applications to play with children and get the most out of the app Panda Channel.

Discover 'Pandagram', a fun version of the popular Instagram where children will become real photographers by choosing their own photo frames and adding thousands of details.

For the more artistic children we have the option to draw, you can also share your child's creations with their friends and with Panda Channel. This Christmas, in addition, your drawings have a prize!

To celebrate the launch of their app, the Panda channel has proposed a fun challenge to children: use this application to draw a Christmas drawing with Panda as the main character and you can participate in the contest. Do you want to know what the prize is? Nothing less than an iPad Mini, ideal for hours of enjoying all the contents of Canal Panda. What are you waiting for to download it?

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