Christmas and Three Kings story books

Christmas and Three Kings story books

Christmas is a very special time of year for families. It offers us moments of memories and rescue of that childlike spirit that resides in our hearts. The tales, stories and legends of Christmas are countless. There is one for every taste. our site has selected some children's books. Books that speak of the meaning of Christmas, of values ​​as intrinsic as solidarity, friendship, kindness, etc. A book can also be a good gift for the little ones in the house.

Now that Christmas is coming, it is time to look back at one of the most important Christmas plays of all time: A Christmas Carol, also known as A Christmas Carol, by British writer Charles Dickens.

Christmas is about to arrive, but when Kika Super Witch realizes that everything but the Christmas spirit reigns everywhere, she is disappointed! People only think about buying, buying and buying, and everyone is nervous, unfriendly and in a bad mood! How is it possible?

Everything seemed ready for Christmas dinner with my family. Instead, poor me, what an incredible Christmas Eve awaited me! I picked up hundreds of thousands of chocolate cheeses, a trailer crushed my tail, and my house caught fire. But how many rodents helped me! Yes, at Christmas we all feel better. How nice it would be if the same thing happened all year long!

This is an ideal gift for Christmas and Kings for children between five and 12 years old. It is an interactive book, where the child must also write his own Christmas story in his copy. With short and understandable texts for the little ones.

Can you imagine a skeleton taking a bubble bath?
Mummies putting their bandages in the washing machine?
Or vampires drinking tomato juice on a terrace?
It was Martin, Leo and Rebecca's dream until it really happened! It all started during a stormy night ... The old and chilling figures of the horror museum came to life and took to the streets of Fogville: they were willing to show that they still knew how to give FEAR. But, once outside, they decided to take advantage of modern life!

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